I am currently accepting clients for February thru April, 2018.  If you would like to schedule a free consultation to get to know me and my practice, just call or email.  I schedule most of my appointments on Thursdays from 9:00 am to about 4:30 pm although I can make occasional exceptions for work schedules.  Please don’t hesitate to email me at the address in the sidebar if you have any questions, or you can use the handy form on the Contact page.

I have recently updated my website and am still in the process of adding information to my pages.  Check back over the coming weeks for more resources and information!

Diane Dreier (Weatherford) LM, CPM


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Tongue tie, a real thing, or not? Everything you wanted to know about tongue tie and breastfeeding. If someone asks you for references, there are several listed at the bottom of the article at: ibconline.ca/tongue-tie/

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This sounds like an interesting and useful book! “You have power...express it!” 😄 This event will be at 1:00 pm central time. ... See MoreSee Less

Join me tomorrow on Facebook live at 11am PST as I read an excerpt of "Go Milk Yourself!" I will be joined by the author Francie Webb who will be available to answer questions via the chat and is a complete hoot. Whether you are a lactating parent or a professional who supports them, I hope you will join us for a fun and informative time! “Go Milk Yourself is an ode to the power inside each of us. What began as a journey to breastfeed her children became a new life's purpose for Francie Webb - help others to discover their own power through the hand expression of breast milk. This book is for lactating parents and anyone who supports them. This book is also for any human who could use a reminder that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Here you can learn the unique techniques of the Go Milk Yourself Method, read Francie's incredible journey from grieving teenager to viral bed birther and find inspiration to jump-start your own new, all-the-more-badass life.”

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