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Diane Dreier (Weatherford) LM, CPM


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Protein packed waffles! Another egg alternative for breakfast. If you haven't seen Power Cakes, they are worth the money. That is one way I sneak protein into my carb addicted son. These are 2 full size waffles. Made with 3/4 c Power cakes and 1/2 c liquid. (water,milk,almond milk etc). I add a little vanilla, just cause. This has 20 grams of protein. If you use milk, (I tend to avoid dairy) you add another 4 grams protein. To avoid a high sugar topping. Take a generous amount of healthy fat. I used coconut oil about 3 T and about a half a banana. The riper the banana the sweeter. Then I cut through a couple frozen strawberries and basically sauteed it in the pan until nice and mushy. You can add a tablespoon of maple syrup if you want a little sweet. I dumped over the waffles and added a little fresh bananas and strawberries on top. You could add a scoop of collagen and have 30 grams of protein. You could also add 2 T of almond butter and add another 7 grams of protein. If you added collagen and almond butter. You are looking at 37 grams of protein. Even if you can only eat half 18 grams of protein is a good start to that 80 grams a day. Less than 15 grams of sugar depending on how much sugar you add. AND 3 Tablespoons minimum good fat. You can even butter or use coconut oil on the waffles. Hint: Fat is what sustains you from one meal to another. It keeps you from getting the munchies. Don't skimp on GOOD fat. Also. Calories intake from 2 waffles like shown is about 750 calories assuming you used a Tablespoon butter on waffles. Most of the calories is from the fat - about 500 calories worth. Fat doesn't make you fat, carbs especially sugar does! This is beneficial for those pregnant moms having a hard time getting in the caloric intake. Add fat!!! 🙂 Also the sugar to protein ratio can be tweaked to be amazing. You always want a minimum ratio of double protein to carbs for level blood sugar. Especially if you have blood sugar issues. So if you add the extra collagen and almond and use a very ripe banana and no added sugar. About 15 grams sugar and about 37 grams protein. Not bad for a starchy treat. and this will taste like a treat 😉

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SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE DOULAS. 💁🏽‍♀️ euphoricherbals.com Doula game on point 👌🏼 Tag your Doula friend

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The Car Seat Lady has some excellent videos and tips!
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