Community building

I’ve been a midwife for almost 10 years now. I get a lot of women who come to me who live in the southern portion of my range…Longview, Gilmer, Tyler. There is also a very strong community of natural mamas in that area.


But the northern part of my area is remarkably quiet. I have had almost no phone calls from the Paris area. I’ve done a few births in Texarkana, but I’ve done more in the New Boston and Mount Pleasant area. There also doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on in the way of support for women who choose a more holistic lifestyle, regardless of where they choose to birth.

I was thrilled to see a breastfeeding support group open up here in Mt. Pleasant a year or so ago. They have a wonderful group of ladies and a fabulous lactation consultant who leads the group and is always available to answer questions. My own daughter has made some good friends through this group and I have no doubt that they were important in her breastfeeding journey with her son.

I would love to see more doulas in this area (I only know of one right now) and I would love to see the demand for doulas in this area grow.

I find it hard to believe the Red River area doesn’t have any crunchy mamas that want to find other crunchy mamas to talk to! Am I just out of the loop? Or are they hiding because they think they are all alone out there? I’ve started two Natural Mama groups on Facebook hoping to start creating a supportive community of like-minded women in this area. Please feel free to join the Paris Natural Mamas or the Texarkana Natural Mamas and let’s get these groups rolling!