Expanding My Business!

I am finally, seriously on the hunt for a location to put a birth center here in Mt. Pleasant!

I’ve been looking at some old houses that are in “neighborhood services” zoning, and while they’re pretty, cozy and homelike, they often come with defects that need correcting or a layout that is less than optimal.  I mean, I expect to have to do some minor fix-up, and there are times when you can make a floor plan work even if it isn’t ideal, but I want to try to find the best place possible.

I also am having a hard time finding something that is within my budget.  Ideally, I’d like to stay under $100,000 for the price.  Unfortunately, if it’s commercial property, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will cost more than that.

So I’d like to ask for help from my clients, former clients, and visitors to my website.  If you know of any property that might make a nice birth center, either for sale or for lease, within 10 minutes of the hospital here in Mt. Pleasant, please let me know!  If you don’t know of any place like this, then just pray that my search would be successful and that I find something acceptable!

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