Newborn Hearing Testing Available

I have just spoken with Brooks Hearing Clinic and they have informed me that they have the ability to perform newborn hearing testing at their office.  The charge for testing is a very reasonable $45.   

I encourage all of my clients to have their babies’ hearing tested in the first month of life to detect any problems and develop a plan for care.  This is a very simple and non-invasive test for detecting hearing problems before they cause developmental delays.  I have known mothers whose babies had hearing problems, but they weren’t diagnosed until the child was older.  The delay in treatment can compromise language development and reduce communication and school performance.

Their office is located at 301 W. 19th St. in Mt. Pleasant, near the hospital, and their phone number is 903-717-3597 in Mt. Pleasant or 903-737-8800 at their main office.

Every mother wants a healthy baby…every mother deserves one!