State Required Information – .pdf files of important information that I am required to give to my clients.

Evidence Based Birth – “If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, Evidence Based Birth® gives you a starting point to find evidence about your options during childbirth, and a way to start conversations with your healthcare providers about those options.  Our free, evidence-based printables are written in the language of your providers, but so that you and your significant others can understand, too.”

Spinning Babies – “…we notice that when women restore the balance in their muscles and alignment in the pelvis, birth goes better.  The natural physiology of birth and the relationship of the baby and mother, and the mother with her birth team brings all make up the wonderful world of Spinning Babies!”

Improving Birth – a nationwide organization whose mission is to inform, support, engage and empower consumers, community leaders and providers with powerful tools to improve birth.  They also have toolkits for helping you file a formal complaint and helping you to heal from a traumatic birth.

Texas Acknowledgment of Paternity Information – if you are not married to the biological father of your baby and you both want his name on the birth certificate, we will need to complete an acknowledgement of paternity form.

Postpartum Depression Guide (.pdf)

MuTu System for healing diastasis recti and getting rid of postpartum flabbiness!

Positive Birthing Affirmations  Infographic and printable poster