Update on International Midwifery

Well, my trip was a success! The birth went well, and I had a wonderful stay with my client and her family, as well as having a little time to do some sightseeing.

This is something I can definitely see myself doing more of in the future, but I need to hash out some of the details. I need to proceed a little differently for traveling births than I do for my local business, however. I need to have a different fee structure and will provide a different type of care for distant clients. I also have to consider my local business and clients and how to make sure they continue to get good care while I am away from home.

It is always exciting to travel to new places, at home and abroad!  If you are living in another country and don’t have access to local midwifery care, feel free to contact me.  I also have connections with other midwives who work internationally, so if I can’t come to you, perhaps one of them can.